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Contact for Online Bulletin: If you have anything to add to the bulletin, please email [email protected]

Contact Council: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the council at [email protected] 

Special Offering – Langley Food Bank: You can give online until the end of October. Click here to donate through or go to Langley Food Bank.  The Langley Food Bank is a not-for-profit incorporated society. It does not receive any government support and therefore is entirely funded through the support of local churches, organizations, and individuals.   

A Spiritual and Biblical Perspective on Caregiving” Webinar:  Join the conversation this Thursday, Oct. 29 at 9:00 AM PST with Mark Stephenson, Director of Disabilities Concerns CRCNA (this last session will include all past speakers returning Q&A). Registration required. To register, go to Disability Concerns Canada Conference Re-Imagined. 

Trauma, Suffering, and the Power of God to Overcome: Join the conversation with world-renowned Christian psychologist, Dr. Diane Langberg, Wed., Oct 28., 9:00 PST. Dr. Diane Langberg is a sought-after international speaker and has written several books. Her most recent, released this month is entitled: Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church. For more information and/or to register see: Safe Church Webinar: Diane Langberg 

John A’s Severed Head and the Politics of Public Memory: A free online lecture by Dr. Micheal DeMoor who teaches in the Politics, History, and Economics Program at The King’s University via zoom, Monday, Oct. 26, 6:00 – 7:30 pm from the King’s University, Edmonton. Around the world, statues have been pulled down or vandalized in protests against the way that these monuments tell the story of our shared history. Similar controversies have surrounded movements to re-name streets, schools, and neighbourhoods. These events and the public responses to them have generally generated more heat than light, but they do clearly show a need to think deeply about how the way we tell our histories shapes our identities, our institutions, and even our public policy. This lecture will reflect on the challenges of “public memory”, and will suggest a way of deciding how we should tell our stories in public spaces that go beyond a cycle of provocation and counter-provocation. For registration: Public Lectures at the King’s University

Join Christian Stewardship Services Autumn Webinars! Register for the free gift planning webinar on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at 7:00 PM. Grab a cup of pumpkin spice latte and learn about opportunities to maximize your charitable giving! Discover ways to bless charities that you never knew CSS provided. Understand the simplicity and flexibility of a Donor Advised Fund and other options! Register for either of these events on the Events page here or click here to find out more about CSS. Register today!

Just Faith Forum: This month, join the Just Faith Forum in viewing: Borderstory. Borderstory invites you into a dialogue about borders led by people on the move. What do you believe to be true about borders? What might you learn from other experiences? Click here for more info. 

BEIRUT RESPONSE UPDATE:  World Renew would like to extend thanks to Canadian churches and individuals who responded in love by giving to the Beirut response—over $500,000 has been received and many gifts are having double the impact with the Canadian government's match. In the immediate,  6,000 hot meals have been provided to families affected by the blast. World Renew is committed to a longer-term response of providing food vouchers, hygiene kits, COVID-19 informational leaflets, and winterization supplies (blankets, warm clothes, stoves, and fuel) to vulnerable families. Pray for our Lebanese brothers and sisters. Want to stay update? See: International Disaster Response  
GROUNDWORK: SIGNS OF CHRIST'S POWER - Having power means having the strength, the ability, or the influence to accomplish something. Study John 5-11 with Groundwork to discover the signs that reveal Christ’s power to us. Together we’ll discuss what these signs show us about Christ’s power and why they point us to life. Listen now at and subscribe to Groundwork’s weekly emails for future episodes.
The Banner: The October edition of the Banner is available at the church! You can also access a copy online at The Banner. The annual Banner donation appeal was disrupted by COVID and may have been missed altogether. To keep the Banner community conversation going and make up for lost time, give online now at