Christian Reformed Church in North America

Willoughby Church is part of a denomination called the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA).  Here are some of things that make our denomination distinctive:

  • We prize God's Word.  Preaching is a central part of our worship.  The Bible is the one true story of what God has done, is doing, and will do , in partnership with us, to bring about a new world.
  • We believe that everything begins with God.  God's love and power give hope to the world and sparks our own creative service in God's kingdom.
  • We emphasize Jesus' message of the coming of God's kingdom - the present and future reign of God that extends through the whole world into every part of life and culture.
  • We value lifelong learning.  Many Christian schools have been birthed out of the CRCNA to transform lives and communities.
  • We serve our neighbours in our own communities and around the world through denominational agencies and partners like World Renew, the Office of Social Justice, Resonate Global Mission and Partners Worldwide.

By God's grace, we want to continue to participate in God's kindom in the years ahead. 

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