"Worship is the heart and pulse of the Christian Church.  In worship, we celebrate together God's gracious gifts of creation and salvation, and are strengthened to live in response to God's grace.  Worship always involves actions, not merely words.  To consider worship is to consider music, art, and architecture, as well as liturgy and preaching."  (Nairobi Statement on Worship & Culture)

At Willoughby Church, we seek to be deeply intentional in our worship services by emphasizing the importance of song, liturgy, creeds and confessions, expositional teaching of God's Word, and the celebration of both Baptism and the Eucharist.  

The following are statements that the participants within our ministry have covenanted to uphold:

What is our mission?

We seek to be a ministry that leads the congregation by example into the presence of God with truth and love, and in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Who are we as a Ministry?

We are an important ministry in the church.
We are a place for Spiritual gifts to be employed.
We are all leaders and ministers of Christ to the family of God.
We bring our best to God and laugh at our imperfections (i.e. it’s not about us).
We seek to love Jesus and grow to know him more through worship arts.

What are our values?

That people involved feel affirmed, empowered, and encouraged in both relationship and giftedness. 
That truth is in everything we sing, say, pray, preach, and teach.
That there is a commitment to growing in both gifting (through reflection, learning, and striving to do our best) and relationship (striving to love and be in community with one another.)
That there is confident and healthy leadership within our teams.
That there is spiritual growth through nurturing faith and trusting the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in using your gifts to serve within the worship ministry, please contact either of the Worship Directors and we would love to meet with you! 

Jenna Fabiano (Associate Pastor) - [email protected]

Jess Hakim (Worship Assistant) - [email protected]