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Willoughby Church views the church library as an important tool for supporting the mission of our church: to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. The library in our church has not been used to its full potential over the past few years, so one of my projects this summer as the communications intern was to redesign and repurpose our church’s library. Now, this was a longer process than one may have thought. The entire library has been moved out of the Fireside room and into Pastor Curtis’ (old) study, books have been given new labels, and have been totally reorganized. The new library may be smaller, but is equipped with a nice sitting space, a checkout desk, and fully stocked bookshelves. The books have been sorted into three different categories: Discipleship, Family, and Church Resources.  

The Discipleship category consists of books for your own personal devotion and books that read about what it means to be a disciple of God. 

The Family category is filled with books for children, as well as books for families to dive into together whenever and wherever they would like.  

The Church Resources section is made up of books specifically about the Christian Reformed faith, books for deacons and elders, and book studies and curriculum options for small groups. 

All the books available can be viewed and put on hold by clicking library at or clicking here:  

To put a book on hold: 

  • Click the three dots underneath the book you would like on the library website 
  • Click add hold and then press complete
  • Enter the email you have that is connected to the church website 
  • Click need password You will receive an email containing your password and you may then begin to start placing holds

While the library will not be available for use in person until everyone is allowed back at church and the COVID-19 restrictions are dropped, you may place a book on hold and come pick it up on a Thursday. We are very excited for people to be visiting the library and taking out books for their own faith formation and their family's faith formation. We hope you are as excited as we are to deepen your understanding of God’s word through the Faith Formation Library. You can look forward to one or two more posts about the library and how to use it in the next few weeks.

Ryan Van Hemert