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This year we have gathered all our favourite World Renew gifts into bundles of hope. Each bundle of hope includes: 1 goat, 25 ducklings, 1 chicken, 1 nutrition kit, 1 handwashing station, 1 family-sized water filter, a bushel of rice seed, a Whole Barnyard, and even some left over where it's needed most. 

And this is not exaggerating.  Our bundled gifts allow World Renew to bring hope and light to babies in Guatemala, women in Sierra Leone, school children in Nicaragua, parents in Honduras and farmers in India to Uganda and Cambodia to Kenya. They will result in good health and hygiene, more income, learning, food, resilience and a better quality of life for people who are poor and hungry.

So many suffer around the world.  World Renew walks with people who are living in poverty, hunger, drought, conflict, famine, war, and oppression to bring hope and light.  These bundles of gifts will bring hope and light.  And we can say with assurance, the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever (Psalm 71:14) 

To give through Tithely click here.

To give directly through World Renew click here. 

Thank you for sharing your bold hope and for giving boldly so much light.