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Contact for Online Bulletin: If you have anything to add to the bulletin, please email [email protected]

Contact Council: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the council at [email protected] 

Special Offering - World Renew’s 2020-2021 Gift Giving Tree helps people, families, and communities experience more of the joy that God intends for them. Find a special gift that helps someone in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. Give at or call 1-888-WRLD-RNW. For more information see also our website. 

Christmas with World Renew: You are invited to celebrate Christmas with World Renew through a virtual celebration on Wednesday, December 16 at 4:30 pm PST. You'll have the opportunity to hear a 20-minute update from the directors for World Renew, as well as other key leaders, about how World Renew is continuing to share Christ's hope during a pandemic, in the face of disaster and injustice. Following that, choose any two 20-minute breakout rooms to learn more. For more information or to register see "Christmas with World Renew".

Have you signed up for Advent Devotions yet? There are a couple of options available to you through the CRC. 1. World Renew, Resonate, and the CRC Office of Social Justice will distribute a free email devotional to your inbox during Advent. Sign up to receive reflections on this year’s theme of He Will Be Our Peace every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Christmas Day. Go to to sign up today! OR: 2. Advent Devotional Series From Today - It's been a rough year. Let Advent help you see God’s story in Christmas. This special devotional series takes you deeper into the true meaning of Christmas, the coming Savior. Subscribe at

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship is putting on a number of online events to help us journey through Advent this year.  Take a look here.

Ministry to Seafarers will be distributing Christmas gifts again this year for the annual Christmas at Sea gift-giving campaign. If you would like to support this cause that brings joy to so many seafarers each year,  send your donations to Ministry to Seafarers, 401 E Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC V6A 4G9. Cheques can now be made payable to "Ministry to Seafarers." Write "Christmas at Sea" on the memo line.  

Just Faith Forum:  Join with a group of CRCNA agencies to expose the hidden crisis of gender-based violence (GVB), the horror and pain inflicted on women and girls around the world for the “crime” of being female. Together, through 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM (Nov. 25 to Dec. 10) let's learn about and raise awareness of the causes and impacts of GBV and how Christians can make an impact on families’ lives and bring hope for the future. For more information on how you can join us see CRCNA 16 Days of Activism

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID): There is still time to share your thoughts with your MP. Due to the pandemic the federal has extended making changes to MAID legislation to December 18, 2020. Click here for more information.  
South Coast Beach Project (SCBP): If you or someone you know is 18 – 25 years old, wanting to grow in leadership and discipleship, then check out the SCBP! Make life-long friends. Deepen your faith. Get summer work experience. And do all this while living in Port Dover on the shore of Lake Erie. What a better way to spend this summer 2021: living in intentional Christian community with your peers, learning opportunities about integrating your faith and life, getting work experience through summer employment, and connecting with a local congregation. For more information: or contact Pastor Willemina Zwart at [email protected]. A ministry of Immanuel Christian Reformed Church, Simcoe and in partnership with Resonate Global Mission.
Today: The new Today booklets are available at the church!  
The Banner: The December edition of the Banner is available at the church! You can also access a copy online at The Banner. The annual Banner donation appeal was disrupted by COVID and may have been missed altogether. To keep the Banner community conversation going, give online now at