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Pilgrimage Registration is now open! 

The pilgrimage is an annual retreat to Bowen Island for youth and their leaders with a focus on rest. It was brought to my attention a number of years ago thanks to the academic work of Dr Nate Stucky at Princeton Seminary that young people are terrible at resting and subsequently terrible at udnerstanding the idea of sabbath rest. To push that idea even further, it is clear in studies that our fast paced world has created an environment that many young people actually feel more anxious when at rest - they are doing the opposite of resting! 

The pilgrimage is not your normal youth retreat. It is a weekend of quiet, rest, and community. The itinerary is open and intentionally not busy. Every morning there is 8am prayer and 5pm prayer. We will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, and in the evenings we will have some bible study and discussion together. The rest of the time is designed be relaxing. There is a prayer room, a prayer labyrinth, hiking, Snug Cove, and other activities. Students can go back to bed and sleep if they desire, to read or draw, whatever they like. This is a weekend full of quiet (not silence), and rest. 

We will be hosted by the wonderful folks at Rivendell again and we will travel there in the same format as last time. Via our feet, the bus, the train, and the ferry. 

There are limited spaces and you must apply and be accepted to attend. This is not a retreat for anyone and everyone because it does require a desire to be contemplative and restful. 

Please click below to apply to the Pilgrimage.