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This morning you may have looked at your phone like me and realized there were TWO NEW PODCASTS from Willoughby Church! 

If that was not your experience, you should fix that problem, let me tell you why! 

First, lets talk about Church Coffee, the podcast where we share stories of faith. A few teenagers in the church and myself, Pastor Curtis, try to release an episode every two weeks. Each episode is an interview with a guest and we talk about what is happening in their lives. We have episodes about apologetics, the emerging church in South East Asia, a school trip to South Africa, and SERVE! 

This is a great way to hear more stories about God's presence in the lives of church members at Willoughb. I highly suggest you subscribe. We have a lot of fun recording and I bet you will have a lot of fun listening. You can subscribe on iTunes and Spotify


Second, there is a new podcast and this one comes out each week! This is called Steeped, and it is produced by the pastoral team! We will try to record each week with the simple goal of helping you take your discipleship at church one step deeper. We discuss things like the sermon, the catechism, and ways that you can continue worship each week. 

The first episode was released this morning and it is well worth your time to listen. It is chock full of great commentary on the sermons and why the creeds and confessions still matter to the church today. You can find this podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

I hope you enjoy this content. It is our desire to use this medium of podcasting to help you deepen your relationship with Christ.