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Beginning a new job is a different experience for everyone. Some people may be excited to start working for a new company or organization, while others may find themselves petrified starting under a new boss. 

However, fear is not the emotions the two new interns at the church have been feeling. Carissa McCarthy and I (Ryan Van Hemert) recently began working at the church as interns and have excitedly been doing our jobs.

Carissa McCarthy will be working as the worship intern and will be doing all things worship! Carissa is currently studying education at Trinity Western University, loves music and worship, and will be working with the worship team for the next year! 

I will be working as the communications intern over the summer. I will be working on all things related to church communications and digital media. I love doing things related to communications. I will be heading off to Redeemer University to study Media and Culture in the fall. 

The interns have slowly been getting to know the rest of the staff better through staff meetings and jobs around the office. I have been working with Pastor Curtis on multiple projects involving media and communicating with the church, while Carissa has been working with Pastor Jenna on bettering the worship at our church.

Carissa and I are very happy to be interns at Willoughby.