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by Janet Schaafsma

So, how about that “FUN”draiser?

March 31st was a great day for our church community! The Family ‘FUN’draiser was the culminating event in a month long effort to raise money for the Deacons Fund at Willoughby Church.  The purpose of the ‘FUN’draiser was to bring everyone together  to enjoy music, food, dancing and socializing and to, of course, raise money.   Our expectations for this event were exceeded!  We celebrated together - young children, youth, young adults, families, seniors – and we enjoyed each other’s company.   There was something for everyone!

So far, the donations for the Deacons Fund are over $27,000 – and donations are still coming in.  Thank you, congregation – your generosity provides means for the deacons, on your behalf, to help in many different ways in our church community and beyond.

So what does the Deacons Fund support?

Since September the Deacons Fund has provided …

  • Christmas food hampers for 17 families – these hampers include groceries for the family for the Christmas season, gift cards to purchase a turkey or ham, gift cards to purchase some Christmas presents for the children
  • Grocery cards to families in need
  • Short term financial support to families with financial needs
  • A wheel-chair accessible van
  • Monthly financial support for a refugee family from Thailand  - in partnership with New West Christian Reformed Church, Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church and  Vancouver Christian Reformed Church
  • Contributions to Diaconal Ministries Canada

If you would still like to make contributions to the Deacons Fund, your gift will be gratefully received.   Please make cheques payable to Willoughby Church - clearly indicate on the envelope (and memo line of cheque) that your donation is designated for the Deacons Fund - and place it in the regular weekly offering.