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With 200 people in attendance, including volunteers and staff, it was a full house at our annual Covenant Kids Daycare Angel Breakfast, on Saturday, December 7.  700 sausages were grilled, 800 pancakes were flipped, and many cups of coffee were poured.  It was a very busy morning for our volunteers who welcomed our guests with warm hospitality. Despite some stage fright, the younger children performed songs,  recited poems and sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus sharing the message of how Jesus was born for me and you. “Long Before Jesus was born, God promised his people that he would send a Saviour to help them. God told his promises in His prophets like Isaiah and Micah who wrote the promise down. For hundreds of years before the Saviour came, God’s people read the promises and hope the Messiah would come soon.” The school-aged children, through actions and words, told the Nativity Story of prophecy fulfilled.  The sound of children’s voices singing ‘Joy to the World’ was the highlight.