Covenant Kids Christian Daycare


About Us

Covenant Kids Christian Daycare is a not-for-profit Daycare which has been in operation under the direction of Willoughby Church since September 1992.  We are a Christian daycare, based on Christian values and beliefs, whose purpose is to provide quality loving care for your child and to be a support to our daycare families. We are pleased to welcome you and your child to our centre.  

Our Philosophy and Program

It is our mission to provide a positive and loving atmosphere that enhances each child’s growth. We believe each child is a precious creation of God and has his or her own particular and unique character and personality. We hope, through our example, that the children and families know they are valued and loved by God.  

We believe children need the opportunity to experience growth in a number of areas; social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and spiritual.

Social: This happens through out our day especially at free play, and meal lunch times. We encourage children to learn through their play and encourage children to be independent in their thinking as they learn to problem solve. Helping them with sharing, respecting others and treating  their peers as they would like to be treated. 

Physical:  It's important the children get a daily physical activity; we provide daily 1 - 2 times a day with outdoor play in our playground. We also have an area that we can use like a gym where the children can run, play soccer and participate in other gross motor activities.

Intellectual : This happens throughout our day but specific teaching times are done during our circle times. During circle times we talk about our monthly theme ( IE transportation, fall, animals, occupations etc)   Twice a week we teach phonics during our circle time. Circle times are  times of fun learning, through song, poems and story reading. Through these activities they learn letter, number, math and colour recognition.

Creative: The children have opportunities to be creative in all our different areas of our program; through free art, crafts, dance & movement, dress up area, block area  singing, and outdoor play and free play.

Emotional : We all know children can display lot's of emotions, so it is our goal to guide and help the children with problem solving, expressing their feelings with confidence, kindness and respect.  

Spiritual: The staff recognizes each child as a precious creation of God and want them to know that they are valued and loved by God. We teach the children things like the fruits of the spirit... Love, Joy Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self control.  We read bible stories to the children, we pray with them, ( grace, prayer requests ) and sing "Sunday School Songs" with the younger ones.


All of our staff are professionally trained and fulfill the requirements prescribed by BC Community Care Licensing Agency.

Our Program

  • Infant and Toddler - 6 months - 36 months - waitlist
  • 3-5 year old's - waitlist only 
  • Out of School Care - K - Grade 6 waitlist only 

Contact Information: For more information about our daycare and enrollment please call or email the Director at the email address and/or phone number below:

604-530-5619 Ext 1