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Offering for weeks 1 & 2 of May:

Advokate - Baby Bottle Campaign: This month we're joining Advokate Life and Education Services in their Annual Baby Bottle Campaign to support their hope for women pregnancy services initiative. All funds raised go directly to supporting vulnerable women and families facing unplanned pregnancy.  Thanks to services including pregnancy counseling, ultrasounds,  postpartum support,  they've seen countless lives saved and changed.  Let's help make a difference in these young lives. 

For anyone who would like to learn more about the Baby Bottle Campaign click the link below.

You are invited to donate through the offering plate or click here to give through Tithley (Baby Bottle Campaign)

* The Deacons we will now be doing two Special Offerings per month, Advokate - Baby Bottle Campaign will run for the first two weeks, with Christian Reformed Campus Ministries Okanagan for weeks 3&4.  You are invited to give to either or both offerings as they will both be available on tithley for the whole month of May! *

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