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Offering for weeks 3 & 4 of June:

The special offering for this month is for The CRC Indigenous Ministry, which is made up of a national committee (Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee), three Urban Indigenous Ministry Centers (Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton) and a Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice (Adrian Jacobs).

The Indigenous Ministry Committee has the specific role of educating and mobilizing CRC congregations and members to live in reconciled relationships with Indigenous people and non-indigenous people.

The three Urban Indigenous Ministry Centers strive to create a space where Indigenous people can feel safe, valued, and respected to use their gifts and to grow.

Adrian Jacobs, the Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation, provides staff support to the Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee and facilitates communication within the Indigenous Ministry, congregations and other agencies where common justice concerns are shared.

For more information visit Indigenous Ministry Canada

You are invited to donate through the offering plate on Sunday mornings or by clicking here to give through Tithley (Indigenous Ministry CRC).

* The Deacons we will now be doing two Special Offerings per month, The King's University will run for the first two weeks, with Indigenous Ministry CRC for weeks 3&4.  You are invited to give to either or both offerings as they will both be available on tithley for the whole month of June! *