Small Groups at Willoughby are a fantastic way to get involved, to meet others who are like-minded, and to grow in faith and love with others.  

This is a page where currently existing Small Groups can find resources if they're looking for material to use.  In the left-hand column, you can see a list of multi-week courses (ReFrame, Alpha, Sanctuary) that are great resources for starting and exploring faith and life conversations. They're also all free.

Below is a growing list of other websites that you can check-out which showcase some helpful resources if you're looking for a shorter or one-off conversations.  At these sites, you can find books, videos, or materials that can be used for a self-guided study on a specific topic. 


The Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender:

Questions about homosexuality and gender is one of the greatest and most difficult topics facing the Church today.  How do we approach this conversation with theological faithfulness and courageous love?  This webiste has coursework, papers, books, and videos that can either be downloaded or purchased.

Think Christian:

Want to dig into faith and popular culture?  The people behind these resources seek to find whatever is good, nobel, and true in music, movies, television, and video games.  Their task as a digital magazine and podcast is to consider how popular culture and its cultivators interact with God’s story, and to do it with grace, appreciation, and discernment.

The Bible Project:

More and more Christians are setting aside their Bibles as a text that is no longer relevant.  But within the Bible is where we see God revealing both Himself and the plan that He has for humanity and the world.  It takes work to learn the different types of literature in the Bible; and this is a great resource if you are looking to dig into the greater themes, context, literature, and narrative of Scripture that all lead to Jesus.


If you aren't currently involved in a Small Group and are interested in either starting a new one or joining a currently existing one, or if you'd like access to some other resources, please email Pastor Jenna or fill out our Connect Card on the homepage!