Tale of Two Meals

This week our Guest Pastor Mark Glanville will be preaching for our fall Sermon Series "Windows Into God's Kingdom" his sermon "Tale of Two Meals" from the scripture passage of Luke 14: 1-24. 

Mark Glanville is the Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College.  Prior to coming to Regent, Mark pastored for 14 years in both Canada and Australia. For the past seven years Mark has been pastoring at Grandview Church in East Vancouver. In combining vocations of scholarship, teaching, and pastoring, Mark has followed an uncommon path, but it is the synergy of these three things—pastoring, researching, and teaching—that has shaped him to write and teach for the church with clarity and creativity. It is this synergy that equips him to train pastors with both theological depth and practical wisdom.  Mark is also a trained jazz pianist who plays on the Vancouver jazz scene.