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As you’ve probably noticed, Willoughby Community Garden is growing -  literally! Phase I of Willoughby Garden has been a booming success. All the boxes are full!! Plot owners include: members of the Siloam Korean Church (who rents our building), Daycare staff and community members who made contact after finding the garden through a Community Garden website. In addition, a teacher at R.C. Garnett Elementary brings her students to garden and of course a few plots belong to members of our congregation, including our very own gardener Hank Kikstra. Phase I also included the planting of three apple trees, and two pear trees. In just a few months, the empty field where our church parsonage used to be ages ago, now hosts a great community space for people from all walks of life. And if that isn’t exciting enough, Willoughby Community Garden received a grant from the Township of Langley in the amount of $2500 to encourage further stages of the project!