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We started a podcast!

You might be thinking, “Doesn’t the church already do this? The sermons already are a podcast!”

You are right. The messages from the weekly worship service get pushed to a podcast feed so you can easily access them from your mobile device. That is not what we're talking about. We're talking about Church Coffee, a new podcast that is produced by Willoughby Church youth!

Now, you could find yourself thinking, “Wait, I'm not even sure what a podcast is? Could you first tell me what a podcast is?”

Sure! Podcasts are like talk radio, on demand. Podcasts are one the fastest growing infotainment mediums in the world today and everyone is jumping on board, us included! Podcasts offer a longer form style of content that social media and videos typically shy away from. A podcast is an audio show that can be about anything! There are tens of thousands of podcasts that you could listen to on any topic you could ever dream of.

Wow! Who is on the podcast?

There are four types of people that make up our podcast.

Producer/Host: Curtis, our youth pastor, tackles the scheduling, booking, planning, and most of the behind the scenes stuff to make the podcast work.  He's also the host on the show.

Hosts: Ryan, Taeya, and Amanda are the hosts of the show. You will have the pleasure of listening to them talk about their faith and interview guests. 

Editor: Justin is the hero of the show. Justin takes the audio file, cuts it down to the meat of the episode, makes it sound good, and adds the background music. Not all heroes wear capes!

Guests: Can be anyone! Guest on the show engage in topical discussions with us or we interview them about how their faith takes action in their everyday life.

Woah! What is the podcast about?

Our podcast is about living and working out our faith in real life. At times these will be topical discussions between the hosts and the guest. Other times we have a formal interview with our guest. Every other week we will record an episode. The show is still in its early stages of development so expect it to evolve, the ethos however not change. We'll keep sharing stories of how we live out our faith every day

This sure sounds cool, but why? Why start a podcast?

Podcasts are going mainstream across all demographics. This is not just a medium that one generation is using; every generation is beginning to listen to podcasts, in a big way, to consume content from the internet. We are hoping to carve a little slice of that pie and encourage listeners to join God’s mission in this world as we share stories of how God is already at work in our lives and in this world. A podcast also gives us another place, outside of church-centric programs and worship services, to share stories of faith and God’s goodness. It's another way to participate in church life and community.

Where can I listen?

You can find Church Coffee on any platform everywhere you find your favourite podcasts. 

You can find the podcast by clicking these links:

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google

You can also find all the information by clicking here. Do not forget to rate and subscribe, it helps a lot.