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As of July 1st, all restrictions on religious gatherings were lifted (See here for details). This is very exciting, but it is also a very significant shift.

Here is what Sundays will look like:

We will not have a sign-up for Sunday (or any upcoming services). There is no limit on how many people will be able to be in the service. For those of you who would like to remain physically distanced, the east side of the sanctuary will be reserved as a physically distanced section. If this section gets full, the overflow for distanced seating will be in the foyer.

You are not required to wear a mask, however, if you prefer to wear one, you may do whatever you are comfortable with.  Please be kind to one another, and keep in mind that others may have differing comfort levels than yourself.

This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, so we will be celebrating communion. Elements will be passed through the pews, but you are welcome to bring your own elements if you prefer.

SONLIFE is available for children ages 3 - grade 1.

We hope for this summer to be a summer of reunion and look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks!