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On Thursday, September 14, Willoughby Church welcomed a new family to our community here in Langley. This family has come to Canada from Syria, through Iraq, where they had lived for the past 4 years in a refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq.  They are grateful for the opportunity to establish a new life in Canada.

They are settling into their new home, have begun schooling and are eager to establish themselves here in BC. The children are enrolled in local schools, in a resettlement program at Mosaic in Surrey and in English classes at New Directions here in Langley.

We count it a privilege to support them and are blessed to grow new friendships with them. We are amazed at their patience with us as we struggle together to communicate and learn from each other.

Thank you to everyone who has donated money, furniture, and household items to help set up their new home. The family is very thankful for all the kindness shown to them by the church and the Langley community.   

Note:  To protect the privacy of the family, family names and photographs are not posted.