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The special offering this mouth will be received for the Guatemala 2019 mission trip. Twelve people from Willoughby Church and other churches will be going to Guatemala Feb 23-March 2.  During the trip we will be doing wheelchair distributions, building houses, installing solar lighting systems, supplying food and healthcare.

Last year at the wheelchair distribution day we gave out 53 chairs as well as walkers & canes where needed. Local community pastors were also there ministering and 20 people gave their life to the Lord! It was an incredible privilege for us to be a part of that experience.

We distributed twenty care packages to various families that we visited. These packages include basic foods, vitamins, oral care and a Bible. The care packages were always gratefully received.

We managed to supply a total of 14 homes with solar lighting systems.  We learned also that the cost of electricity, which is already very expensive for the people whom we were serving, is going to rise an additional 66% this year. This is only going to put more demand for solar systems, as it will drive many of the poor who can currently afford electricity to abandon the one or two light bulbs they currently are using in exchange for candles.