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I believe that God has called me to serve his people in Sierra Leone through an organization called Mercy Ships.  Mercy Ships is a global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing countries since 1978. Currently the Africa Mercy, a former rail ferry, is docked off the coast of Freetown, Sierra Leone. This ship has been transformed into a mobile hospital that includes six fully functioning operating rooms, an intensive care unit and various  labs as well as land based dental and post-op clinics.  I support the vision of Mercy Ships to “seek to become the face of love in action, bring hope and healing to the poor."

I will be working in a land-based dental clinic located near the port of Freetown. I will assist the dentist  in the procedures for the day  and in the daily running of a clinic . I will  also be working with the hygienist to give dental health education as well as train  teachers in the neighbourhood school the principles of oral hygiene.       

You can help me serve God’s people by praying for me and/or giving financially to the project.  (donate at: