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This week we are celebrating the one year anniversary of the arrival of the family of Basma Yaqoob and George and Maria Salih to Canada. They have become a part of our church community, and have made friends in the broader Langley community. We are thankful for their presence among us.  

The Lin family will soon celebrate four years with us and the Almasri family is doing well after 1&1/2 years. Ahmad and Mohamad have recently obtained their drivers licences and Asmaa is preparing to take the drivers test. We are working to find them a vehicle so they can be more independent.

Tamoo and Glay are both doing well. Tamoo and her husband recently welcomed the arrival of a lovely baby girl. They receive regular support from Jenny DeWeerd and Lisa Vandermeer.

Jenny DeWeerd and Pieter Van der Leek and I regularly visit the Alomar family. They are government supported refugees from Syria. Due to the generosity of Tim and Liz Tolkamp, they now have a garden to grow their vegetables and are enjoying the harvest of fresh vegetables and herbs. 

Another family is due to arrive any day: a family of 5 — parents with a 19 year old son, and two daughters 13 and 15. A group led by Helen and Al Vandenberg will be walking with the family as they settle in and adjust to life in Canada. Housing is difficult to find as they need a three bedroom apartment, and those are scarce in Langley. 

Thank you for the many ways in which the congregation supports this ministry. We love what we do, but could not do it without your help!