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Modern day commiunication is marvelous. We are able to communicate in so many ways with speed that our ancestors would never have been able to imagine. This is a great time and age to live in. 

It comes with it's challenges though. One of those challenges is something I struggle with all the time in youth ministry. With so many ways to communicate, it becomes a burden because not everyone will communicate the same way. 

Some folks will use Snapchat, or Instagram, some will text, others still will use only an iMessage account. It becomes cumbersome because while everyone communicates, not everyone communicates the same way. 

Enter Slack. 
Slack is designed and used as an office communication tool. I have been using Slack for years in many different ways. I have set up, with the help of Taeya, our summer student at the church, a Slack network for youth group. This will essentially function as a in house, private, secure social network that will allow small groups, students, and leaders all communicate in one place. 

The youth leaders and I have been using it extensively this week in preparation for Sunday and we think it has potential to make our community better. We will be able to communicate better and share information easier as la large group as well as a small group. 

If you are student, please sign up! You can sign up here.

-- Pastor Curtis