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Willoughby Church provides ongoing support for Phil and Stephanie Beck, career missionaries serving in Nigeria through Christian Reformed World Missions.   In their  October 20111 newsletter (“The Jos Journal” ) Phil and Stephanie write:

“This past weekend, Phil travelled with several colleagues to Mkar, Benue State - about five -and-a-half hours south of Jos - to participate in the centenary celebrations of the arrival of the gospel to the NKST (The Church of Christ in Sudan among the Tiv).  The NKST is one of the Nigerian church denominations with whom we work.  It was a joyous time to reflect on and celebrate how the gospel become known among the Tiv people and how the church has emerged and grown.

Today, Christian Reformed World Missions partners with the NKST in the following ways:

  • Christian Education:  CRWM - in collaboration with Friends of West Africa Christian Higher Education - is assisting in the development of the University of Mkar - a newly developed university run by the denomination.
  • Evangelism & Discipleship:  CRWM provides a grant to assist the NKST Missions Department engage in outreach in rural and urban centers in Nigeria.
  • Leadership Development:  CRWM missionaries mentor and encourage the church leaders in a variety of ways:  regular meetings with ministry leaders, placement of volunteer lecturers at the NKST’s Reformed Theological Seminary etc. 

Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and participation in ministry with us!”