We will be reading scripture, historic documents like the creeds and confessions, as well as theologians from the early church to the modern era and everywhere in between. We will also be meeting regularly to discuss what we are learning and how that might impact our vocations as students, athletes, siblings, children, etc... 

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My goal in developing this program was to find a discipleship mechanism that had the most amount of impact on a persons relatiosnhip with God in the least amount of time. That might sound odd, but I understand the world we reside. We feel full and busy regularly. Students are busy with academic study, sports, family, etc... While we may desire an intimacy with our Lord, we struggle to priorize it. Sinners & Saints is exactly for that. Let's squeeze some extra reading and prayer into the busyness of your life for a short time and develop some strategies and gain understanding on how we might relate to our Heavenly Father in the midst of the chaos. 

So, this is how much time this will take:

Over the course of 3 months (12 weeks) there will be weekly readings and devotions, monthly gatherings around a shared meal, monthly teaching session, a group chat for communication, and a capstone retreat. 

The readings will be minimal but selective. It will be an amount of reading that will be easily accomplished by reading a little bit every day nut not so much that you cannot read the entirety in about 30-60 minutes. Each student will also receive a devotional for regular use for the duration of the program. 

Monthly meal times will happen on Sunday mornings before church, when we usually dont have plans. These will be centered around sharing what we are reading and what is happening in our lives. 

Monthly teaching nights will be scheduled as best they can around those involved. These will be run like workshop and will follow three themes: Biblical narrative, the story of the Church, and living a Godly life now. 

The capstone retreat will ideally be a weekend, but likely be a Saturday afternoon and evening together reflecting on the previous 12 weeks and their impact.