What's this podcast about?

Our podcast is a show about living and working out our faith in real life. Every two weeks, we record an episode that discusses something related to how our faith manifests itself into action. Sometimes these can be topical discussions with the hosts and the guest. Sometimes we have a formal interview with our guest about their own faith. The show is still in it’s early stages so you can expect it to evolve, but the ethos of it will not change. We want to share stories of how we live out our faith everyday.

Who is on the podcast?

There are 4 types of people that make up our podcast.

Producer/Host: Curtis, I tackle the scheduling, booking, planning, and most of the behind the scenes stuff to make this podast work along with also being a host on the show.

Hosts: Ryan VanHemert, Thomas Colyn, and Amanda. These are the hosts of the show that you will have the pleasure of listening to talk about their faith and interview guests.

Editor: Justin Schoenit. Justin is the hero of the podcast. When we sit down to record, not all of it is great and usable content. Justin takes the audio file, cuts it down to the meat of the episode so it makes senes, makes it sound good, and puts some theme music on it. Not all heroes wear capes!

Guests: These can be anyone! We have guests on the show to have topical discussions with us, or to interview about how their faith takes action in their everyday life.

Where Can I Listen?

iTunes | Spotify | Anchor | Google | Stitcher