You need to have some basic information; it is not a lot. You should know how many people you expect, how long you meet for, and what do you do in your meetings. The Activity and Request Process Flowchart will help you to determine what information you need. 

If the risk assessment form has determined your ministry to low risk, then you can email a pastor at the church for space booking and ministry/event approval.

If the risk assessment form has determined your ministry to be medium risk, you need to email the Covid Response Team. You can do so by filling out the form below.

Regardless of the level of risk, each ministry or event leader needs to submit the event info (that is the date, time, place, and expected # of attendees) to the COVID team

To determine the level of risk you must complete the Risk Assessment Form. The column with the highest number of boxes check will determine your level of risk. 

At Willoughby Church, we want to make sure that embodied ministry can happen, even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This means that we want you, as a leader, to be informed on the new church practices surrounding building usage. This way, you are informed on how to calculate the level of risk in this time as well as how to safely run events or ministries.

We know that embodied ministry is critically important to faith formation and community growth and we want that to happen...safely.

Each ministry ad committee has a pastoral contact to support, empower, and encourage the peoples involved. If you don't know who that is it breaks down quite simply when looked at through the lens of the ages of the participants:

Birth to age 8: contact Pastor Liz

Age 9-30(ish): Contact Pastor Curtis

Ages 30+: Contact Pastor Jenna

Committees don't easily break down into these convenient age categories, so if you are not sure who your pastoral contact is for your committee, contact Pastor Jenna or Pastor Curtis (it is likely one of them, and if not they can point you in the correct direction)

When you complete the form below, it will send to the staff and the COVID response team, so you only have to fill out the form and your communication is complete! 

Send your event and contact info to the COVID Response Team

Please include the following: Event date(s), time, desired location/room, and expected number of attendees

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