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Offering for weeks 1 & 2 of February:

ABBA Canada: ABBA Canada provides financial assistance and support to Canadian Christian families wanting to grow their family through domestic or international adoption. Although not every Christian will adopt, ABBA believes every Christian is called to play a part in caring for the orphan.  ABBA Canada was born as a response to seeing Christian families who desired to bring a child in need into their family, but not pursue adoption because of the overwhelming process and financial hurdles. Since 2011, ABBA Canada has provided $700,000 in adoption grants to over 170 deserving Canadian Christian families. 100% of all donations to ABBA Canada help fund a Canadian family’s adoption without deducting administration costs. Our dream is for every believer to be engaged with helping these vulnerable children. 

You are invited to donate to this worthy cause by the offering plate or click here to give through Tithley (ABBA Canada)

* The Deacons we will now be doing two Special Offerings per month, ABBA Canada will run for the first two weeks, with GCM for weeks 3&4.  You are invited to give to either or both offerings as they will both be available on tithley for the whole month of February! *