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Christians are called to radical welcome. Let’s ask of ourselves these questions:

  1. Does my table, literally my dinner table, have around it those who are appear to be on the outside? Sometimes? Often? Jesus’ table did.
  2. Is my house a place of welcome or a suburban fortress? Is my table only ever spread for those who are the same as me? (If it is, it may be a fortress.)

On Sunday we spoke of the idea of inviting someone who doesn’t know Jesus to our home for lunch or dinner on Palm Sunday. Why don’t you make arrangements this week?

And why don’t you seek out someone who seems lonely or ‘outside’ at your workplace (or among your community) today. Perhaps you could arrange to have lunch together, or coffee after work?

If you are interested in reading further on radical welcome in scripture, you might like to read an online article I wrote on immigration and refugees:

If you would like to read a book on radical welcome I recommend Christian Pohl’s ‘Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition’