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Here is a simple story about a Christian couple, Pat and Larry. Pat and Larry, a warm couple in their 60s, live on Emert Street. Emert Street is lit up at Christmas time. Every house for 100 metres is alight. There are moving train sets, glowing candy growing in the gardens and Sanata’s sled landing on every roof in the street. Everything that has nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas.

Pat and Larry’s front yard is different. Jesus is in a manger. He is being worshipped. There are no candy canes and no reindeers. Every year they add something else to their display. Last year they added a big cross. Pat and Larry are sick of Jesus being ignored and dishonoured at Christmas time.

On New Year's Eve every child in the street – it is a poor neighbourhood, gathers in Pat and Larry’s front yard. Pat teaches them songs about Jesus, and then reads them the Christmas story from a children’s story book. Larry walks around and chats to parents.

How can we live distinctively for Christ this Christmas?