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As I said in my last blog, the purpose of these weekly blogs is to encourage you as you call attention to Christ’s gracious lordship in the work/home/group/gym/etc. where God has placed you. Monday to Friday is where the action is in the life of our church. It is from Monday to Friday that we exercise our priestly role in the world. I pray that reading this blog each week will be a blessing to you through which the Spirit focuses, encourages, comforts and sends you.

I am struck by the list of sixteen verbs about proclaiming Christ that we encountered in Acts chapter 18 on Sunday.  Here they are again for your encouragement:

Reasoned; tried to persuade, occupied with the word, testifying, goes to the Gentiles, go on speaking, do not be silent, teaching the word of God, persuading, opened his mouth, reasoned, spoke, taught, began to speak boldly, powerfully refuted, showing by the scriptures.

Which will you do this week?

As we call attention to Christ, let’s also listen well to what others have to say to us.  And let’s live distinctive lives that are worthy of Christ who we proclaim!