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Our new preaching series is ‘Eating Our Way Through the Gospels’. Jesus did much of his ministry around the dinner table! At meals Jesus invited people into relationship and modelled the Kingdom of God.

These fellowship meals display what being human and in community is all about. Relationship, conversation, inclusion and celebration characterized Jesus’ fellowship meals. They model for us how to be a relational and inclusive community that is open to others, both within, and without.

As a part of this series we are invited to share three meals:

  • Guess who’s coming for lunch - March 11th
  • Fellowship (potluck) lunch March 25th
  • Invite a someone who doesn’t know Christ to your house for lunch - April 1st

On another note, you might like to check out an article on the New York Times website that refers to the ‘Food Grains’ project that our church supports. The article shows just how important our generosity to the third and second world is: