Iain Provan Speaks at Willoughby

Iain Provan Speaks at Willoughby

This past Saturday morning, Pastor Ed introduced us to a former professor of his, Dr Iain Provan, the Marshall Shepherd Professor of Old Testament Theology at Regent College. 

Dr Provan gave 3 lectures followed by 3 Q&A periods:

AN INSPIRED WORD: Why the Bible Can be Trusted

AN IDENTIFIABLE WORD: Seeing through the Fog to the God
Who Speaks Clearly

AN INCISIVE WORD: Our Call to Read Rightly in the World Today

A number of people left that morning with a copy of Dr Provan's new book, The Reformation and the Right Reading of Scripture. 

This was a wonderful morning full of history, legacy, and instruction. Each person was blessed by Dr Provan.

Please contact the church office if you are interested in purchasing a book. There are limited copies still available.