What will youth group look like this year?

Well, thanks to the hard work of our COVID Response Team here at Willoughby Church, we, as staff and ministry leaders, have been equipped with the tools to assess and define risk for a variety of situations. 
Working through those tools it became evident that youth group will be able to function on a regular schedule, at the church, and embodied together with minimal differences from years past. Our structure will remain the same, arrive at 7, casual hang out for a while, then a large group teaching time and small group discussion ending with prayer together and then a quick large group gathering for announcements and a closing prayer. 

The safety precautions we will take will be spending a little more time setting up our space so that seating for everyone is 2m apart from one another and any games or activities we do will be ones that do not require any physical contact and minimize the close contact between persons. 

Fall 2020 Curriculum
You Asked For It! Youth Group Edition

Earlier in the season I (Pastor Curtis) sat with the youth leaders to discuss what kind of things we wanted youth group to focus on this year. After spending two years working through scripture and doing curriculum based bible study we decided it would be time a change. So, after the enjoyable summer of Pastor Ed and Pastor Jenna's 'You Asked For It' series we thought we should do a Youth Group Edition. 

So, for the fall season, that is October to Christmas, our weekly youth group will consist of a large group time where I or a guest speaker will answer a question posed by a student and then we will break into our small groups for continued discussion. 

I have already compiled a list of questions that I have heard from my conversations with students, and you can add to that list by sending a question to your youth leader, to me, or fill out the contact form below (that also comes to me). 

My hope is to keep the families in the know of our topics and provide some sort of info packet or resource here on the website so that families can continue the conversation at home if they like. 

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