Dear Parents,

We are very excited for the year ahead and inviting your boy into Cadets! Our theme this year is: Hi God! It's ME! (Click here for more info).  

Registration Fees: The registration fees for the year are $20 per boy ($10 for the 2nd child, 3rd child is free), payable by cheque only to Willoughby CRC. First-time registrations include a cadet shirt and guide book.  After that replacement costs are as follows: shirt - $15, guide book $12.  The boys are required to wear their uniform to all cadet functions.

Safety: To assist us in providing a safe place and a positive experience for all the boys attending this program we, the counselors, commit to the following:

  • We will adhere to the principles of the Christian Reformed Church's Safe Church Ministry
  • We will identify inappropriate behaviours and apply a policy of zero-tolerance policy for these behaviours, both for the boys and their leaders
  • We are committed to a Cadet: Counsellor ratio of 4:1 with (as much as possible) two adults supervising each group of boys. However, it is only with your cooperation and volunteer help that this can be achieved. Dads of boys in the program are especially encouraged to play a leadership role in their son's group. 
  • We will notify parents as soon as possible in the event that their child needs significant medical attention.
  • We commit to having two volunteers and/or staff members present when transporting children in a vehicle.
  • We will ensure parental consent prior to any child being transported alone with a counselor.
  • We will ensure that Parental Consent and Medical Release Forms will be emailed and made available on the website for parents to complete prior to any off-site (apart from Wednesday evenings) or overnight activity.  (All other activities except Wednesday evening outings will be held at the church facility, 20525 – 72 Ave., Langley.)

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about the cadet program please contact your son's counselor or the head counselor at [email protected]

Coming this year...

We open this club year with a Whistler Cycle Tour followed by a Fraser Valley-wide Cadet Club bike ride or trail hike (date and time on the Schedule in the sidebar).  Other planned events include pumpkin carving, a movie night, and at least one trip to Walnut Grove Pool.  Every other year we alternate a Fraser-Valley wide Cub Car Rally or Sports Day.  Every spring we plan to go camping after the regular season ends. For special projects this year we will be exploring engineering and computer science, and building and programming Lego Mindstorms robots!


Still have questions?

If you are interested in the Cadet program and would like to connect with the Cadet ministry leader, please fill out the form below:

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