Vancouver Serve 2017 - Day 7

Vancouver Serve 2017 - Day 7

On Friday my group went to an old ladies’ house to clean up her yard. First we had to take all the wood and metal to the dump, then we had to weed her yard and clear away all the branches. Then when we were done with her yard we went back to the church to get ready for the block party. We had leftovers from all the meals during the week. and some people brought there own food to add to the table. after that all of the serve team had to take showers at the Recreational Centre.

At 5:00, the guests started to arrive. There were about 100 people there in all. When we were done eating some people played soccer in the parking lot, some people played tug of war, and some people played the parachute game.

When the block party was over the serve team went to chapel were Ethan sang some songs and Jake preached. My groups favourite song was We Will Feast In The House Of Zion. We had ice cream to celebrate a girls birthday. After that we went to small groups and did an evaluation of the week. When we were done that we went inside to write a letter to ourselves about the week and to make sure we remembered it. The letter will be mailed back to us after Christmas.

And then we hung out until 10:30 and said our goodbyes. Then we went to bed. This is all the stuff that happened on Friday.

-Benjamin Rodermond